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Yurts In Action

Pricing & Options

  • Base package price (not including platform): (18 oz., uv-resistant wall and roof fabric, available in a variety of colours. see order page.Constructed with steel wall studs, 1.5" rigid insulation, laminated 2 by 4 roof rafters, steel rafter ring) $5,495
  • 3 dual-pane vertical slider windows (can be arranged in any configuration: Included
  • Additional 18"w windows: $145
  • 30" windows: $240
  • 32" standard steel door: Included
  • Optional Wooden Custom 32" door: no charge
  • Interior hardboard wall finish: $420
  • Interior curtain wall fabric (14 oz. fire-resistant): $455
  • 24" dome skylight: $190
  • Full rough-in plumbing (water pump, 300 litre water tank, tankless water heater, shower hook-up & shower head, low-water RV toilet, sink taps (sink & base not included), medium sewage trolley: $1,975
  • Cellulose high-density wall insulation batts (to replace rigid insulation): $375
  • Snow load bracing: $150
  • Tension ring (for larger yurts): $145
  • Upgrade to 28 oz. fabric: $300
  • Custom designed sizing as follows:
    • 20 foot diameter: $6,095
    • 24 foot diameter: $6,895
    • 28 foot diameter: $7,895



Features & Benefits of EasYurt

  • Wall panels constructed with 1.5 inch rigid foil-backed insulation for strength and warmth. 
  • Foil-backed roof insulation enhances natural and artificial lighting, reducing power consumption
  • Steel Stud wall framing for added strength and lighter weight. Ensures frame integrity is maintained
  • Exterior fabric is uv-resistant, 18 oz. fabric, providing enhanced wind and moisture barrier
  • Dual pane slider windows allow great ventilation, provide excellent heat and cool protection
  • Lack of wood in interior means less risk of mildew due to thermal bridging and heat transfer
  • Flexible window location means reduced need for dome vent, lower cost
  • Yurt design reduces impact of wind significantly, meaning warmer interior in cooler seasons
  • Low maintenance due to long-life fabric and insulated panels
  • Option of standard 32" steel door or custom-made wooden door
  • Standard 85" wall height 
  • Spacious. Photos of interior of custom-built 28-foot diameter yurt show how open space means flexible furniture arrangement, lower heat/cool costs
  • Easy to install plumbing. Sample 28-foot yurt has Polywest water tank, Five Oceans 12v water pump, holding tank & low-water toilet, with full shower and sink. Hot water is supplied by a propane tankless water heater (see link on home page).
  • Easy to Wire. Using Princess Auto 12v wiring supplies, as well as a small inverter (for fans, etc), this unit was wired with 3 lights, sound system, two area fans. We used combination of solar and wind power with ten deep-cycle batteries.
  • Easy to heat. Because of the open, circular design with few impediments to air movement, we were able to heat the unit with a propane radiant heater mounted on a 20 pound tank. In minus 25C temperatures, the tank lasted six days. Our alternative heat was an outdoor wood furnace.

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